Partners in Parenting Haiti (PIPH) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created to place Haitian orphaned or abandoned children into foster homes in Haiti, and to ensure their education and overall well-being.


PIPH board members, left to right: Judith Kleinman, Jan Arney, and John and Linda Woods.

PIPH Board members, left to right: Judith Kleinman, Jan Arney, and John & Linda Woods.

Jan Arney
PIPH Founder and Executive Director
PIPH Board Member
Boulder, Colorado and Jérémie, Haiti

Jan Arney is Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit Partners in Parenting Haiti, Inc. in Jeremie, Haiti. Since 2010, she oversees all PIPH programs, services and staff, as well as accounting and fundraising activities. Previously, Jan was a high school teacher, a manager for a large insurance company, and an accountant preparing individual tax returns.

“What I like best about my job is visiting the children, and watching them grow in their homes and in their schools, and playing with each other in our monthly Child-to-Child Program,” says Jan. “Professionally, I get to use information that I’ve learned in my previous jobs leading up to this one.

“What I find most challenging and interesting is figuring out how to accomplish PIPH objectives in a different culture. For example, in the United States, it’s important for our children to go to school during the first week each fall. In Haiti, many parents don’t send their children to school during the first week because the school may be inhabited by bad spirits lingering from the summer. And in the United States, we don’t include candy in our children’s lunches because it will suppress their appetite for more nutritious foods. In Haiti, however, parents send candy for lunch because there is no other food. Here, we hire the most qualified teacher available to us to tutor our children – but in Haiti, a parent might hire her brother who has no qualifications because he needs money to eat.”

Jan’s professional affiliations and volunteerism include Hands for Haiti, Eternal Hope in Haiti and the Starthrower Foundation in Cap-Haïtien, Haiti; Bethlehem Ministries in Terrier Rouge, Haiti; the Haiti Foundation of Hope in Terre Blanche, Haiti; as well as trip leadership responsibilities to build fuel-efficient stoves in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala, and to help rebuild New Orleans, Louisiana. She also works on behalf of homeless individuals in Boulder, Colorado.

Judith Kleinman
PIPH Board Member
Boulder, Colorado

Serving as board member and secretary since 2011, Judith got involved in PIPH because she liked the idea of children being in foster homes, rather than on the street or in orphanages, and getting an education.

“Being involved with PIPH also allows me to apply my professional experience as a child psychiatrist working in foster care placements and child advocacy,” says Judith, an MD. “For PIPH, I consult on child issues, serve on the child committee, oversee our grant applications and work on annual fundraising.

“I am most excited about the opportunity to provide my perspective from professional experience to help improve the lives and the future prospects of the children we serve. I am also excited about the possibility of expanding the program to other Haitian cities, which speaks to my passion to use what wisdom and energy I have to improve the lives of the disadvantaged – especially children who are the future of all countries.”

Linda Woods
PIPH Board Member
Boulder, Colorado

Linda and Jan worked together on the Congregational Action Committee of Boulder’s First Congregational Church, planning humanitarian work trips to New Orleans post-Katrina and to Guatemala to build stoves for Mayan families. From this collaboration, Jan invited Linda to establish PIPH following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

“In 2012, I traveled to Haiti with Jan and my husband, John,” says Linda, a counselor for people 50 and older who are dealing with depression and/or anxiety. “We saw first-hand the devastating results of the earthquake and poverty in Haiti. I also met Thalie, the little girl we’re now sponsoring – she captured my heart.

“While in Haiti, I had the opportunity to lead an empowerment workshop for teenage girls.” Since then, Linda – who holds a master’s in counseling and a bachelor’s in journalism – has supported various fundraising and programmatic efforts on behalf of PIPH, including the Alternative Gift Fair and Alfalfa’s Coffee Fund, the Jérémie Jobs Program and serving on the PIPH social media committee.

“I believe we have a responsibility to leave the world a better place,” she says. “Haiti needs and deserves a lot of effort, time and sensitive attention. I feel passionate about this professionally and personally, both in my counseling practice and in how I spend my time and resources.”

John Woods
PIPH Board Member
Boulder, Colorado

In 2013, John Woods joined his wife, Linda, in supporting PIPH as a board member – in addition to sponsoring a child.

“PIPH is working to improve the lives of children that have been orphaned in Haiti and need a family to support them,” says John, who has held several leadership positions at Keymark Enterprises since 2005. “Our focus on education is critical. Providing children the opportunity to get a basic education will give them a chance at a better life in Haiti.”

Prior to joining Keymark, John was Vice President of Business and Quality Process Improvement at StorageTek. Previously, he held management and executive positions in product development and manufacturing at StorageTek, Reference Technology and IBM. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering.

In addition to his support of PIPH, John’s volunteer interests include(d) working with Boulder’s First Congregational Church, Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church and Flatirons Habitat for Humanity; as well as the Boulder County Long Range Planning Commission, Gunbarrel Estates Water and Sanitation Board, University Town Homes HOA and election campaigns for Ron Steward.


Renate Schneider
PIPH In-Country Coordinator
Jérémie, Haiti

Passionate about Haiti and Haitians, Renate Schneider has spent more than 15 years living and working in Haiti. Initially, she worked in a small rural community as director of the University of Fondwa, as well as campus minister and English professor. From there, she moved to Jérémie, serving as director of Center of Hope, a maternal waiting home for women with high-risk pregnancies. She administered a large prenatal clinic with more than 900 monthly visits, a child nutrition program serving more than 2,000 children per month, and directed a small unit for children suffering from kwashiorkor disease, an illness in children due to lack of protein in their diet.

While in Jérémie, Renate opened her own private psychology practice, trained 20 community members as mental health agents, and worked as the school counselor in a number of high school and elementary schools in the Jérémie area. She is also trained as an HIV counselor and is certified in Mental Health First Aid. Additionally, Renate founded the University of the Nouvelle Grand’Anse which graduated its first class of students in August 2014; she currently serves at the university as Vice Rectrice. And Renate’s NGO Haitian Connection has so far built 75 houses for women and their children in two communities close to Jérémie; she also runs a microcredit program in those two communities.

“I like the innovative aspects of PIPH,” says Renate, who holds a master’s in clinical psychology specializing in cross-cultural psychology, as well as a master’s in pastoral studies. “That is, placing children with foster families rather than putting them in orphanages. I also like that our programs aren’t static – what we’re able to offer continues to evolve.

“I supervise and manage the in-country activities, paying particular attention to school success and retention. I manage the tutoring center, coordinate the Child-to-Child activities, and liaise with the PIPH director and board.

“Having been able to follow the children we serve for the past several years is quite a gift. It’s exciting for me to see them develop and become more sure of themselves. The fact that these children would not be able to attend school without PIPH is an amazing contribution.”

Jean-Rony's master defense 006Jean-Rony Manoune
PIPH Bookkeeper
Jérémie, Haiti

An English teacher who is also ordained as a Catholic priest, Jean-Rony got involved with PIPH in 2013.

“I wanted to be a part of this good project to help children,” he says. “In addition to bookkeeping, I also help with the Child-to-Child Program. When I see how happy the children are in this program, I am happy with them. I always enjoy doing my job as well as I can because this program brings hope and help to the children we serve.”