How to help

Sponsor an orphan for $888 annually, including:

  • Monthly stipend for food, clothing and shelter
  • School tuition, supplies and uniform
  • Regular home visits to oversee home conditions, medical needs and educational progress

…or make a general contribution to cover:

  • Medical expenses
  • Special tutoring
  • Health education programs
  • PIPH expansion beyond Jérémie
  • Onsite personnel,  administrative costs and unanticipated needs
we believe in...

Community partnership We work directly with Haitian citizens to make this program work.

Family partnership PIPH brings our families extra services as needed, e.g. health education and tutoring for our children.

Partnering with our supporters We send our sponsors and donors periodic email newsletters, updates and photos of the children we serve.

Program oversight We carefully select foster families with whom the children will live after listening to the recommendations of community leaders and our Haitian staff. Our staff visits the homes and classrooms monthly to ensure the well-being of the children we serve.